Subscription options

We provide 4 subscription options.

(a) Corporate (£865 per year + VAT)

This subscription option is for companies, government departments, industry societies, and other non-charitable organisations.

Via this subscription, companies and organisations can set up accounts for an unlimited number of employees.  A designated “primary-user” will be the main point of contact for the corporate subscription and will be able to set up sub-accounts for employees to give them access.  Alternatively, employees can set up their own sub-accounts here.  Employees must use their institutional email address to set up a sub-account under their organisation’s main account.

(b) Self-employed (£265 per year + VAT)

This subscription option is for self-employed individuals and sole-traders and provides access to 1 user.  We may exceptionally consider allowing access to 1 member of a company under this option if the cost of the corporate option causes undue hardship.

(c) Student (free)

This subscription option is for students.  You must provide proof of your current student status in order to set up an academic account and this must be re-submitted annually.

Universities and other educational institutions should purchase a corporate subscription if they wish to provide access to their entire institution.

(d) Charity/NGO (Free)

This subscription option is for charities and not-for-profit non-governmental organisations.  A representative of the charity or NGO should provide proof of the charitable status of the institution, for example a charity registration certificate, and this must be re-submitted annually.