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Maya Lester KC

Russian law to exempt companies from disclosure to frustrate Western sanctions

04/12/2023 — President Putin has reportedly approved a list of companies that are exempt from disclosing information required by federal law if the information could be...
Michael O'Kane

UK SRA fines UK law firm for failure to mitigate sanctions risk

04/12/2023 — The UK Solicitors Regulation Authority has fined Ashfords LLP £101,357 concerning AML and sanctions controls for 3 conveyancing transactions. For 2 of the transactions,...
Maya Lester KC

UK HMRC issues penalties for export control breaches

04/12/2023 — HMRC has issued compound settlement offers to 3 anonymous UK exporters related to unlicensed exports of dual use goods controlled by the Export Control...
Michael O'Kane

OFAC designates entities carrying Russian oil above price cap & issues GL

04/12/2023 — OFAC has designated 3 entities and identified as blocked property 3 vessels that allegedly used Price Cap Coalition services while carrying Russian crude oil...
Maya Lester KC

US counter-narcotics designations and Zimbabwe de-listing

01/12/2023 — OFAC yesterday: sanctioned 3 Mexican people and 13 Mexican companies believed to be linked to timeshare fraud led by the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva...
In focus

Guide to Russia sanctions

Summary of the EU, UK, US, and other countries' Russia sanctions measures, including legislation, judgements, guidance, and sanctions lists.
Maya Lester KC

Australia, US, Japan and South Korea announce N Korea sanctions

01/12/2023 — Australia, the US, Japan and South Korea have today announced joint action on targeted financial sanctions aimed at senior N Korean officials from the...
Michael O'Kane

Switzerland update ordinance on measures against Libya

01/12/2023 — Yesterday the Swiss Federal Council amended its ordinance measures against Libya in line with the UN entries for 5 individuals, and humanitarian travel exemption...
Michael O'Kane

UK update guides on asset freeze for Libya and Russia sanctions

01/12/2023 — Following the UN’s decision to amend 5 entries on 29 November 2023 (see post here), the following entries have been amended under the Libya financial sanctions...
Maya Lester KC

US designations in relation to Iranian military financial facilitation & N Korean cyber designations

30/11/2023 — OFAC yesterday designated 20 individuals and entities affiliated with financial facilitation networks for the benefit of Iran’s Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics...
Michael O'Kane

UN amends 5 entries on Libya sanctions list and grants humanitarian travel exemption to 2 individuals

30/11/2023 — Yesterday, the UN added five individuals to its sanctions list pursuant to resolution 1970 (2011) concerning Libya. The UN also granted a humanitarian travel exemption,...
Maya Lester KC

German Khan’s EU designation upheld in EU court

30/11/2023 — The General Court of the EU has rejected German Khan’s challenge to his inclusion on the EU’s Russia sanctions list.  Judgment here. The Court...
Michael O'Kane

EU General Court accepts Alexander Pumpyanskiy’s 2nd de-listing application & rejects damages claim

29/11/2023 — On 6 September 2023, the General Court rejected  Alexander Pumpyanskiy’s application to annul his initial designation on the EU’s Russia sanctions.  He was initially...
Maya Lester KC

Switzerland update ordinance on measures against Venezuela

29/11/2023 — The Swiss Federal Department of Economic affairs has updated annex 1 of the ordinance on measures against Venezuela issued on March 28, 2018. These...