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Maya Lester KC

French court holds that enforcement of arbitral award against frozen assets requires prior authorisation from NCA

08/12/2023 — In Libyan Investment Authority v La Société Mohamed Abdel Moshen Al-Kharafi et Fils, Al-Kharafi sought to enforce a $937 million arbitral award against the...
Maya Lester KC

Australia designates individuals linked to Kara-Murza poisoning

08/12/2023 — Australia has designated 3 FSB agents allegedly involved in the poisoning of prominent Russian opposition figure, Vladimir Kara-Murza, and 10 individuals, including a Russian...
Maya Lester KC

US BIS designates entities for supporting Russia’s military

08/12/2023 — The US Bureau of Industry and Security has added 42 entities to the Entity List for contributing to Russia’s military and defence industrial base:...
Michael O'Kane

Webinar on sanctions & Gaza 13th December 9-10am – register here

08/12/2023 — Register here to attend our webinar, “Sanctions & Gaza: how are banks & aid agencies navigating terrorist financing and sanctions?” Speakers: Chloe Cina (Head...
Michael O'Kane

EU amends entries on human rights sanctions list

08/12/2023 — The EU has amended the entries on its human rights sanctions list for 9 individuals and 3 entities, adding to the reasons for listings...
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Guide to Russia sanctions

Summary of the EU, UK, US, and other countries' Russia sanctions measures, including legislation, judgements, guidance, and sanctions lists.
Maya Lester KC

OFAC designates Mexico-based BLO drug traffickers

08/12/2023 — OFAC has designated 15 Mexican individuals and 2 Mexico-based companies linked to the Beltrán Leyva Organization (BLO), a drug trafficking organisation involved in the transportation...
Maya Lester KC

UK and US designate Russian cyber-hackers

08/12/2023 — The UK and US have designated Ruslan Aleksandrovich Peretyatko and Andrey Stanislavovich Korinets, members of Star Blizzard/Callisto Group, which according to the UK Govt...
Michael O'Kane

G7 Russia diamonds ban

07/12/2023 — The G7 countries have confirmed in a statement that they will introduce import restrictions on non-industrial diamonds, mined, processed, or produced in Russia, by...
Maya Lester KC

EU court rejects Evgeny Zubitskiy’s delisting case

07/12/2023 — In Case T-359/22, the General Court of the EU rejected the application to annul the listing of Evgeny Borisovich Zubitskiy, who was listed by...
Maya Lester KC

Accomplices of fugitive wanted by the US for sanctions evasion arrested

07/12/2023 — In October 2022, Artem Uss was arrested in Milan after being charged by the US for exporting dual-use technologies to Russia and for smuggling...
Michael O'Kane

US West Bank visa restriction policy

07/12/2023 — The US has implemented a new visa restriction policy targeting individuals believed to have been involved in “undermining peace, security, or stability in the West Bank,...
Maya Lester KC

UK NCA issues red alert on circumvention of Russia export controls

07/12/2023 — The UK’s National Economic Crime Centre (NECC), a multi-agency unit in the National Crime Agency (NCA), has issued a red alert on exporting high...
Michael O'Kane

UK designates Russian military suppliers in Russia & from third countries

07/12/2023 — Yesterday, the UK designated 46 individuals and entities based in Russia, Belarus, China, Serbia, Turkey the UAE, and Uzbekistan, which are allegedly supplying the Russian military...